Sunday, March 30, 2014

10 quick ideas with herbs

10 quick ideas with herbs
There isn't a cuisine around the world that doesn't use some type of herb in its cooking.

Herbs not only add a flavour hit to a wide range of dishes, they can also add a splash of colour.

Soft-leaf herbs, such as basil, parsley and coriander, should be added at the end of cooking for maximum intensity as they lose their pungency if overcooked.

Woody herbs such as thyme and rosemary work well when simmered throughout cooking. Try setting up your own herb garden - there's nothing quite like freshly picked herbs.

Top 10 quick ideas:
  1. Finely chop parsley, basil and mint. Mix with olive oil, capers, garlic and lemon juice to make a salsa verde. Serve with grilled meat, chicken, seafood or vegetables.
  2. Add a twist to your scrambled eggs by stirring chopped fresh mixed herbs through the beaten eggs.
  3. When making basil pesto, substitute mint or parsley for the basil.
  4. Stir chopped dill through tzatziki for a delicious dipping sauce for prawns or chicken.
  5. Add finely chopped rosemary to breadcrumbs when making chicken or pork schnitzel
  6. Fry sage leaves in butter for a simple sauce for tortellini.
  7. Steam asparagus, refresh. Toss through chopped dill, mint, extra virgin olive oil and fetta.
  8. Stir chopped herbs through cream cheese for a quick and tasty sandwich spread.
  9. Flavour your mashed potato with chopped fresh thyme leaves
  10. Add mint to simple green salads for a freshness hit.


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